Thursday, 22 January 2009

No hurry...

Like many gamers, I have a bit of a problem... I'm constantly picking up cool looking models that inspire ideas for projects... Then getting distracted by the latest shiny new object and don't get around to painting them.

In an effort to get myself going and work through at least some of the backlog, I've joined a Facbook group, the 'Sheffield Irregulars' (look them up, there's some real talent on there!). One of the good things is the setting of competitions, paint a model to a specific theme by a set date. Given that my colletion of unpainted plastic, lead and resin covers everything from fantasy, medieval Europe to SF, I figure that I'm going to find at least one possible project to suit most topics.

The challenge for December and January was to paint a vehicle. Now this suited me fine. with my Aeronautica Imperalis stuff being pushed along by the requirements of the campaign I've been playing against Matt, I decided to concentrate on another current interest of mine, 'Fast and Dirty', an excellent set of free modern/SF rules (with the feel of Stargrunt but much simpler). I have a collection of 28mm SF vehicles from Old Crow, most painted, but some still in need of TLC, and I thought this would be a good opportunity to get at least one done.

Looking at what was there I decided to go for their Gecko Scout, which had been languishing in a box, undercoated but unassembled. "2 months" I thought, "plenty of time to add detail and paint!".

How wrong I was! Once work, Christmas and the various oher little derailments life entails had taken their toll, I found myself on Wednesday night facing a deadline of Sunday. Oh, and I'm busy most of the weekend too..

Here's progress so far...

Here's the basic model with detail and stowage added using items from GZG, Old Crow, Tamiya and ods and sods from the 'bits box'.

And as a comparison here it is next to the slightly larger, unconverted Goanna scout, which I painted a while ago with a quick 'olive drab' utility scheme.

So, I have 3 nights to complete. Will I make it? Well, lets just see...

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