Monday, 12 January 2009

Seconds out, round two!

Well, that went well then… Interestingly this was almost a mirror of the last time Matt and I played the Ambush scenario, when his tau ambushed my imperials, who turned the tables and won a clear victory. Looks like having the initiative and numbers is no guarantee!

At the end of the first game things hadn’t started well for my imperial forces, I’d lost an alarming number of my costly fighters for little gain and Matt had his first 2 Campaign Points towards the 7 he would need to win. Deciding it was time for a change of tactics I decided to take a defensive stance for the next turn. With the upper hand, Matt chose offensive tactics and we duly rolled up a Bomber Intercept mission. I was quietly confident, as I’d done well in this mission before.

We rolled for weather, and had thick cloud up to altitude six. This gave Matt’s Blacksun Filter equipped Barracudas an edge, so I’d need to try and draw him out, luckily I knew he’d have to go after my bombers. And so the idea for the story started to come together…

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